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Creating Happiness Today

A Down-to-Earth & Activity-Based Approach to what the Scientists & Philosophers say about Happiness, Well-Being, & Personal Peace

Based on the Science of Well-Being and Positive Psychology the label “Happiness” is interchangeable with Life Satisfaction, Fulfilling of our Potential, & Contentment



~ A Frown  OR  a Smile ~

  The Choice Really Is


Did you know that roughly 50% of

happiness comes from genetics,

and ONLY 10% +/-from your environment and experiences?

The remaining 40% is entirely up to you and how you choose to

experience your life,

your world, and those around you.


And the exciting thing is that we can all learn the techniques for ensuring that the 40% under our control is even happier than we might ever think is possible.



Interestingly, the techniques that make us happy or content, are also the same techniques that result in us living a loving life and an ethical life.


So what are some of the

Benefits of Happiness


Scientific research, under the label of “positive psychology”, shows us that the techniques for growing happiness in our lives have massive benefits including:

* added longevity;

* greatly improved physical health and well-being and stronger immune

* greatly improved psychological health and well-being and more positive emotions;

* better personal, business, and community relationships;

* greater ability to become financially secure;

* become more productive and creative at work;

* have improved leadership and negotiation skills;

* be more likely to get married or have a stable personal partnership;

* have more social support;

* more friends;

* be more philanthropic and kinder to others;

* have greater resilience;

* living a more loving life;

* living a more ethical life;

* and greater overall success in life and the accrual positive things.

So make 2016 (and on) your “happiest” time yet


mid-2016  Dr. Kashonia Carnegie will combine her academic credentials, rigor, and research with her extensive life experience to bring you a very unique and fun-filled online course

Creating Happiness Today

in which you’ll learn a range of techniques for

Creating Happiness Today in your life, in the life of others,

and in the world.


The course content is based on the latest scientific research

into happiness and positive psychology,

but presented in a very enjoyable and down-to-earth way.

Shortly after the launch of the workshop, I’ll launch your on-line Happiness Magazine



So if you fill in the form below I can let you know as soon as a laugh date – sorry launch date – is set


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